Risk Assessment and Analysis

Every day, businesses are confronted with disasters of varying degrees. Without a periodic risk assessment and a business continuity plan, one in four businesses are forced to shut down because of a disaster.

Physical Risk Assessment

A thorough risk assessment helps reduce and mitigate theft, violence and potential legal claims as well as ensures safety of employees partners and guests.

NSS will review all the existing security policies and carry out gap analysis for compliance and implementation. We will assess all natural and manmade risks and threats that may impact your business environment. We will also suggest measures to mitigate potential threats that are unique to your establishment.
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Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning is vital. It’s important to devote enough time and attention to plan for the future, even when that future may involve events that are unpleasant to think about and, hopefully, not likely to happen.

A lot of the present day’s vital assets are online and must be accessible at all times. Businesses contend with both operational failure and reputational risk, and how they respond to a discontinuity is a measure of the value of the business. Sound BCP is based on an accurate and updated business impact assessment, from which derives the essence of a continuity plan – what is critical to protect and keep operational, how to respond to interruptions, protect personnel and assets, safeguard information from destruction and wrongful use, when to relocate critical operations to alternate sites.

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